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Tag Archives: health

Food, Glorious Food

There is a world of difference in the way people eat. Some intent on their food, relishing every morsel, even doing what  we used to be looked at disapprovingly for, wiping up the gravy with a piece of bread so as not to waste a drop. Too precious to lose. Or people having a close […]

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Gerard’s 60 years of living with diabetes

By Evan Short Although never considered a death sentence Type One Diabetes is a serious condition, the managing of which takes the sufferer to be disciplined and always aware of their health – something Gerard Hart has lived with his whole life. Controllable with twice daily injections of insulin and regular monitoring of blood sugar […]

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The sweet – and sour – life of a Type 1 Diabetic

It’s a warm Monday evening and I’ve a lot on my mind. We’ve a few big decisions to make at home in the next few days, and there’s tons to do in work tomorrow morning. My 20-month-old son is in bed but not sleeping; I’ve 580 unread emails; I’ve an article on diabetes to write […]

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People die earlier in West Belfast than anywhere else in the North

Shocking new statistics profiling West Belfast show that the district has the lowest life expectancy in the North for both men and women.

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‘Enough is enough’ say workers

Hundreds of health and education workers in South Belfast last week joined thousands of others across the North in a 24-hour strike in protest at budget cuts.

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