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Tag Archives: HET

Joe McCann killing ‘not justified’: HET

THE killing of an Official IRA man – who is immortalised in one of the most iconic images of the recent conflict – was “not justified” a new report has found. Joe McCann was a legendary figure in the early years of the Troubles. The West Belfast man was shot by the Parachute Regiment in […]

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Family launches legal challenge against HET

The family of a sixteen-year-old boy shot dead by the British Army in Lenadoon in 1972 is mounting a legal challenge against the PSNI’s

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Just a little enquiry enquiry

MAYBE Squinter’s just thick or something. Okay, let’s rephrase that one. Squinter’s thick, he freely admits it. But it can’t be only his lack of mental acuity that has him all worked up about the latest achievement of the PSNI’s Historical Enquiries Team (HET). Let’s just go over it for the benefit of anyone who hasn’t been paying attention this week…

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Just a thought

IN the great Derry-Londonderry debate, BBC Ulster chooses Londonderry. In the great Northern Ireland/Ulster/the Province-the North debate, BBC Northern Ireland’s position is self-evident. In the great the Ardoyne-Ardoyne debate, BBC This Here Pravince favours the definite article. And, of course, the teddy bear’s head continues to float, eerily disconnected, behind the presenters’ heads, a loyal bulwark of the Great British mainland.

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In 1972 Jimmy (19) ran a roadblock because his car had no insurance – the British army shot him 28 times

A WEST Belfast family are appealing for help from the local community as they seek the truth about the savage killing of their brother during the 1970s at the hands of the British army.19-year-old James ‘Jimmy’ Bonner, a lorry driver from Iveagh Street, was shot by British soldiers on June 25, 1972, when the car he was driving failed to stop at a road- block on the Whiterock Road.

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McKavanagh family’s ‘closure’ over 21-year-old Billy’s death

THE family of a young Markets man shot in the back by a British soldier have said they can walk past the spot where he was killed after an apology from the Ministry of Defence.

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