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Tag Archives: Housing Executive

Heroin needles found

A LOWER Falls resident says urgent action needs to be taken after he found a heroin kit in an alleyway just yards from his home – and

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All night raves wreak havoc for residents

PROBLEM tenants in the Markets area of South Belfast are causing havoc in the estate with on-street weekend raves. all night

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Crumbling porches are set to be fixed

Following a meeting between the SDLP, the Housing Executive and a number of local residents, the Housing Executive has pledged

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New chapter opens for Sandy Row bibliomaniacs

The Housing Executive has presented a Community and Education Partnership (CEP) Award to the Sandy Row Residents Forum.

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HE secures eviction of Oisín House tenant due to anti-social behaviour

The Housing Executive has taken possession of a property in the New Lodge in response to complaints

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HE’s latest district plan ‘fails to address’ the chronic housing need for nationalists

The Housing Executive’s District Housing Plan for the incoming year fails to address how the chronic waiting lists for social housing in Nationalist areas of North Belfast will be tackled, a local housing expert has said.

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