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Tag Archives: iPhone

A real glass act

THE Roddy’s isn’t great for mobile phone reception. Or perhaps Squinter should rephrase that and say the Roddy’s isn’t great for iPhone coverage, because a bog standard Nokia with the same service provider works perfectly while the iPhone slips into ‘No Service’ mode the second Squinter takes it out of his pocket. The details of the essential uselessness of the iPhone is a story for another day, so let’s concern ourselves here with the incident at hand.

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iPhone scam victim speaks out to warn others of risk

A FINAGHY woman who was almost conned out of £6,100 after her iPhone mysteriously stopped working has spoken out in order to alert other users to the scam.

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Man who stored and made child porn back in court

A 22-year-old Bawnmore man convicted in June of downloading pornographic images of children as young as two years old has escaped jail after pleading

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