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Tag Archives: Irish

Diaspora gets behind Oscar campaign

It’s a story that has touched hearts and minds across Ireland. Now the campaign to raise funds for life

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Shake off this nonsense and start asking the real questions

Is it me or are we all gone a bit mad on this McGuinness-Windsor handshake thing? Everyone – English, Irish, unionist, nationalist, man, woman possibly a cyborg or two – seems convinced that this meeting/handshake is important, very significant and/or very very symbolic. But nobody seems able to agree on the meaning of this meeting/handshake. They just keep looking solemn and nodding.

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RTé signal block angers local fans

Furious Irish soccer fans have been contacting the Andersonstown News claiming that they’re missing out on the Euro 2012 experience by not being able to watch the tournament on RTé Fans who have Sky or Virgin Media are having their RTÉ signal blocked on cable during the competition and as a result are forced to watch the matches on either BBC or ITV.

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Croats rain on Ireland’s Euro parade

IT WAS not the start we wanted. Ireland’s parade was well and truly rained on as a brace from Mario Mandzukić either side of Nikica Jelavic’s strike ensured Giovanni Trapattoni’s side are now fighting for their Euro 2012 lives.

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Welsh trip brings back memories

Before my recent Welsh wanderings, I was last seen in the company of Cymraeg activists back in 1985 when

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Almost summertime so time for a Xmas row at council

IT’S almost summer, so it’s the perfect time for an argument about Christmas at Belfast City Hall, where once again, the idea of wishing citizens and visitors to the city a “Merry Christmas” in Irish is too much for some unionists to stomach.

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