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Tag Archives: Joby Murphy

Meerkat memorial for Joby at Bellevue

A tribute to a Glengormley man who tragically died after falling in to the River Lagan earlier this year has been

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Sectarian St Pat’s attack follows assault on tragic Joby on the same day last year

A sectarian St Patrick’s Day attack in Sandy Row is the second reported assault in the area in two years, with last year’s victim being the tragic north Belfast man who lost his life in the Lagan this January.

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Best and worst of Council

The compassionate best and bickering worst of our city’s councillors were on full display at their monthly get together at City Hall last week.

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Family want West to join Toby search

The family of Joby Murphy has appealed to the people of West Belfast for help in their bid to find their son’s body. Four weeks have passed since the 20-year-old fell from a footbridge into the River Lagan after a night out. Every day since the tragedy, Joby’s father has been at the harbour doing all he can to recover his son’s body.

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