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Tag Archives: Jude Collins

Pouring petrol on those loyalist bonfires

On January 17, 1989 Douglas Hogg stood up in the House of Commons and declared “I have to state as a fact but with great regret that there are in Northern Ireland a number of solicitors who are unduly sympathetic to the cause of the IRA.” Many people believe that this statement gave the green […]

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A road to nowhere

IN the wake of bombs like those in Boston earlier this week, people say all sorts of things. Remember the Omagh bomb?  British and American politicians hurried to the town to join in the general sense of outrage and to assure local people of their support in rebuilding. Nothing would redress the terrible loss of […]

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Time has not diminished the memory

I’VE never seen anything like it. On Facebook, on Twitter, there was instantaneous reaction. Comment after comment, tweet after tweet. You’d think the death of someone whose political career ended decades ago would have been greeted with a shrug. Not so Maggie Thatcher. Comment after comment, tweet after tweet expressing pleasure, nay delight, at the […]

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Slow learners at Somme event

If a cat sits on a hot stove, it tends to avoid hot stoves after that.

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I’ve no problem standing up for the Ulstermen

I must take exception to Jude Collins’ rant in the Andersonstown News (May 26) regarding his ‘Dilemma of standing up for the Ulstermen’.

Rugby internationally is played by Ireland – all 32 counties of it – and I as an Ulster Prod have stood in Lansdowne Road and Croke Park and sung Amhrán na bhFiann with the best of them. I have also followed Ireland and Ulster to all part of the British Isles and beyond (I know Jude won’t like to see the word British here but it is a fact of geographical life that Ireland is part of the British Isles, whatever he may think).

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Underpinning prosperity as well as the peace

I’m already settled with my teapot and mug in the Cultúrlann when Inez McCormack joins me.

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