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Tag Archives: Lagmore

‘Problem’ tenants force another family to flee

A SECOND family has been forced to flee their home to escape rising levels of intimidation and harassment from

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Where were the sandbags?

A WAR of words has broken out between Lisburn City Council and Sinn Féin Colin

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Family is forced to flee home

A LAGMORE family who fled their home of 17 years to escape anti-social behaviour say they’ve been left “high and dry” by the police and by the Housing Executive.The Blake family have left their Altan Gardens home to restart their lives in Scotland after what that say were three years of threatening and intimidating behaviour directed against them and their neighbours, including verbal and physical abuse, intimidation, the death of a family pet and the delivery of a funeral wreath to their home.

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Now parents can’t get kids into primaries

Parents whose children were refused admission to their first-choice primary school in West Belfast have slammed the selection process. Last week scores of parents were left disappointed when they discovered their children had not been selected for a place at their local parish school.

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Sewer nightmare lingers

A Lagmore man has hit out at NI Water for letting sewage seep all over his garden. Sean Crawford, from Glenfearna Gardens, says he was stunned when the water company told him that while repairing last Thursday’s sewage flooding was their job, cleaning up the mess left behind is beyond their remit.

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