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Tag Archives: Laurelbank

Wheelchair-bound man targeted by thugs again

A WHEELCHAIR-BOUND Poleglass man who campaigns to help raise awareness of disability issues has been attacked for the third time in three years. Michael Bailey (56), who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was making his way back to his Laurelbank home after a visit to the local shops on Thursday night when he was set upon from behind by four teenage males.

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Our Michael gets his freedom back

A GOOD Samaritan has come to the aid of Poleglass man Michael Bailey who had his vital mobility scooter destroyed by a devastating Halloween night fire.Last week the Andersonstown News reported how a stray firework ignited the outdoor shed where Michael kept his mobility scooter reducing it and the shed to a blackened shell.

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Disabled man’s ‘LIFELINE’ taken from him by fire

A DISABLED Poleglass man said “I’ve lost my independence” after a firework ignited a fierce blaze at his home destroying his vital mobility scooter.56-year-old Michael Bailey from Laurelbank, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, stored his mobility scooter in an outdoor shed that was reduced to just a blackened shell by the devastating Halloween night fire.

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Mike Myers mask attack: couple brand five-year sentence ‘a joke’

A FIVE-YEAR jail sentence handed to a prolific criminal who broke into a Poleglass home and committed a crazed assault in front of young children – all while wearing a Halloween mask – has been branded “a joke” by the victims.

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