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Tag Archives: Lisburn Road

Parking hikes could alter area’s dynamic

A LISBURN Road trader has said the whole dynamics of the area could drastically change following the recent announcement that parking penalties are to be increased.

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Park increase in fines to help struggling traders

At a time when local retailers are reeling from the double whammy of exorbitant rates and internet trading, one would have expected a sympathetic response from government.

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Still holding out for a hero

YOU all know Diamond Dan, don’t you? He’s the child-friendly face of the Orange Order who appeared out of nowhere a few years back to herald the birth of Orangefest – a vision of the Twelfth without the tattoos and

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Vandals pull out wires and then set fire to poles in dead of night

Up to £22,000 worth of damage has been caused to two police CCTV cameras. The poles damaged are located on the Falls Road and in Glenavy, at the Lisburn Road-Airport Road junction. The damage was caused in the early hours of last Friday morning when vandals pulled the cameras off their poles and the electrics were also set on fire.

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Fine time for parking wardens

TRADERS on the Lisburn Road have accused traffic wardens of treating the area as a “soft target” for issuing fines, after it was revealed the area has the highest rate for tickets in the North.

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Long running businesses cease trading

THE business community on the Lisburn Road was faced with another double whammy last week as two long running, popular establishments ceased trading.

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