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Tag Archives: Lower Falls

Heroin needles found

A LOWER Falls resident says urgent action needs to be taken after he found a heroin kit in an alleyway just yards from his home – and

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Grovetree’s doors close for last time

A residential home in the lower Falls has closed its doors for good. Grovetree House on the Cullingtree Road

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Residents of local street of fear speak out

A lower Falls street is being held to ransom by a gang of teenagers who are terrifying residents on a

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Officials split as ira tribute is taken down from new wall

THE Workers’ Party in West Belfast has been plunged into turmoil after several senior members in the Lower Falls offered their resignations in a row over a memorial tribute to dead IRA volunteers and party members. The split came after four newly-erected plaques which contained the names of over 90 fallen members of the Official IRA and the Workers’ Party were taken down from a new memorial, located beside the Lower Falls Recreation and Social Club on the Grosvenor Road, better known locally as Cyprus Street.

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Family want West to join Toby search

The family of Joby Murphy has appealed to the people of West Belfast for help in their bid to find their son’s body. Four weeks have passed since the 20-year-old fell from a footbridge into the River Lagan after a night out. Every day since the tragedy, Joby’s father has been at the harbour doing all he can to recover his son’s body.

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Known hoods were behind security alert

A West Belfast MLA has hit out at those responsible for a security alert in the lower Falls that caused widespread disruption. On Friday homes were evacuated and roads were closed in the area after a suspect device was found taped to a lamppost in Ross Road.

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