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Tag Archives: Marian Price

Huge crowd supports Marian

Thousands of people took to the streets of West Belfast on Sunday as part of a march and rally in support of veteran West Belfast republican Marian Price.

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Speak with one voice

On Sunday, May 27 a march will take place on the Falls Road highlighting the continuing and unjust imprisonment of veteran republican Marian Price. The outcome of this march should not be dictated by those who have chosen to turn a blind eye, but rather by those who believe what is happening to Marian is totally wrong and therefore feel compelled to come out of their homes in support of her plight.

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Differing views should not dilute human rights

South Belfast MP Alasdair McDonnell is one hundred per cent right in his protestations to Secretary of State Owen Patterson in regard to the cases of Marian Price and Gerry McGeough.

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Concern over disease outbreak

POLITICAL representatives and human rights groups have called on the Northern Ireland Prison Service and the Justice Minister David Ford to implement the full terms of the 2010 Roe House agreement.

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Release of Lillis is not the end of matter

The Irish Republican Socialist Party welcomed the news that Brendan Lillis was released from custody. The decision to release Mr Lillis should have

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