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Tag Archives: Martin McGuinness

SF ‘disappointment’ at Angela

SINN Féin’s leader on Lisburn City Council, Arder Carson, has expressed his disappointment at the news

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So what’s good for the goose is bad for the gander

ALLIANCE Party leader and Justice Minister David Ford has been lecturing Peter Robinson and Martin

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Fruits of the peace process begin to ripen

As I write this, they’re promising us it will be quite a moment when Martin McGuinness, leader of Irish

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Suicide to top Exec meeting

The First and Deputy First Ministers have vowed to raise the issue of suicide prevention at today’s meeting of the Northern Ireland Executive. Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness made the pledge during a meeting with West Belfast MLA Sue Ramsey to discuss the Health Committee Chair’s concerns over the lack of urgency around the ‘Protect Life’ strategy.

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As Micheál spoke the people were voting with their feet

Sometimes people prod my chest and say, “How is it you’re always on about southern politics? Why don’t you write about what’s going on up here instead?” Well, mainly because I don’t want to be an idiot, given that the word ‘idiot’ come from ‘idios’, meaning one’s own self, in a narrow, parochial sense. I believe that when I write about southern politics, I’m writing about what’s happening in another part of my country.

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Meeting queen leads to door marked ‘Exit’

Martin McGuinness may have annoyed a few people this week. And made a few others nervous. And mildly pleased a few more. Odd, how the same action can provoke such a range of reactions, isn’t it?

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