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Tag Archives: money

OAP distraught as bus thief takes wallet

A West Belfast pensioner says he has been left “distraught” after his wallet containing £260 was left on a bus on July 12 – and has yet to be handed in. The 69-year-old from News Barnsley, who’s asked not to be named, told the Andersonstown News that he believes he is the victim of a […]

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It’ll be all White on the night

REPUBLICAN presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s White House dream took a bit of a blow this week when he suffered his own Dan Quayle moment. Former Vice President Dan, you may remember, saw his political star fall and tumble into the ocean when he told a class of schoolchildren that potato is spelt potatoe.

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Stop fighting for scraps and set our sights higher

One wonders what it costs Invest NI to attract 235 jobs to these shores — in both time and money — but it’s fairly clear that it doesn’t come cheap.

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Will the President be on the money on citizen’s concerns?

Money: it would drive you mad if you let it. Can’t live without it, can’t live er um, well actually most of us figure we could live quite nicely thank you with it. Last weekend, Edwina Currie was on Stephen Nolan’s BBC Radio Five Live show expressing her serious, serious doubt that anyone in Britain had so little money, they went hungry.

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