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Tag Archives: OU

Gunn hits the target with studies

A SOUTH Belfast Open University graduate has managed to complete a degree, in between working full-time, and looking after her young child who was born right in the middle of exam season. Sara Gunn, who hails from the Ormeau Road, and works for arts organisation Audiences NI, received her BA Honours degree in Media Studies at last week’s graduation ceremony in Belfast’s Waterfront hall, where almost 200 proud graduates received their certificates.

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Opening doors to university

One of the abiding memories of my university days was the Olympic-standard sprint from the tutorial class to the library. Nobody spoke about the sprint, but everybody was aware of it. In the tutorial, the lecturer would hand out a list of books you needed for the work at hand. The library housed one copy, two at a push, so if you wanted it, you needed to have one foot out the door at the end of the class and be a step ahead of your competitors/fellow-students until you signed it out of the library.

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