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Tag Archives: paramilitary

A beacon of light from Tiger’s Bay

A North Belfast community trying to move away from the paramilitary trappings and alcohol consumption

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Loyalist gang succeeded in mission to ‘kill a Taig’

TWENTY YEARS ago this month Gerard Lawlor was brutally murdered – eight years after the first paramilitary ceasefire and four years after the Good Friday Agreement

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Flags tarnish move on mural

A loyalist area of South Belfast has come in for criticism for the flying of paramilitary flags despite a separate move to paint over a highly contentious mural in the area this week. South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt has called for immediate action in removing UVF and UDA flags flying from private houses in Sandy Row just as the area also received positive attention for painting over an infamous UFF mural on the edge of the loyalist stronghold.

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