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Tag Archives: Presidential election

McGuinness candidacy ‘lights up race’

A North Belfast Sinn Féin MLA said his party colleague Martin McGuinness’s bid to run for president has provoked predictable hostile reaction from the “usual suspects”.

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Another spin on the whirligig of history

The campaigns for the Presidency in Ireland are giving rise to interesting discussions. The most interesting is about Martin Mc Guinness, one of the candidates any country would be proud to have as President.

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Southerners should think onion before voting

When my ex-children want – no, when my ex-children hope – to embarrass me they haul out the photo albums and show our wedding pictures.

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Suddenly Dublin is interesting

OF course, BBC Ulster’s coverage of the Irish Presidential election (that’s the Irish Presidential election, just so’s you can distinguish it from the Azerbaijani Presidential election) should be non-existent, should consistency play any part in matters.

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