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Tag Archives: review

Death of a president

What’s the story? An infamous day in the history of the USA (22nd November 1963), the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy sent shockwaves across the globe. The horror of the tragedy was even more profound for the people caught up in the traumatic events of that dreadful day. It all begins as a very ordinary […]

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Horror and humour found in crossfire

All politics is local and all war is as well. It may look international when the wise-eyed historians have stitched together a big map of events, but war as it happens is a myriad of confusing individual experiences. None of us can live life outside of our own skull.

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Dark, fast and slick

What’s the story? If you’re planning a robbery, there’s one thing you can’t possibly do without and that’s a reliable and talented getaway driver.

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