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Tag Archives: Sandy Row

Locals furnish their opinions on old Gilpin’s site

LOCALS in Sandy Row are soon to be asked for opinions on the future of a derelict site set to be transformed for

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New chapter opens for Sandy Row bibliomaniacs

The Housing Executive has presented a Community and Education Partnership (CEP) Award to the Sandy Row Residents Forum.

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Flags tarnish move on mural

A loyalist area of South Belfast has come in for criticism for the flying of paramilitary flags despite a separate move to paint over a highly contentious mural in the area this week. South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt has called for immediate action in removing UVF and UDA flags flying from private houses in Sandy Row just as the area also received positive attention for painting over an infamous UFF mural on the edge of the loyalist stronghold.

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Sectarian St Pat’s attack follows assault on tragic Joby on the same day last year

A sectarian St Patrick’s Day attack in Sandy Row is the second reported assault in the area in two years, with last year’s victim being the tragic north Belfast man who lost his life in the Lagan this January.

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Graffiti drug warning appears in Sandy Row

Graffiti in a South Belfast community threatening drug dealers is “proof people have had enough” of pushers, a local representative has said.

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Posters warning against drug dealing appear in Sandy Row

POSTERS threatening drug dealers in Sandy Row are an indication the community has “had enough” of young people being targeted by pushers, it has been claimed.

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