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Tag Archives: soccer

A change in numbers is working; a change in mindset is preferable

How to spend three days in the Mayo monsoon: bring the voluminous minute books from Belfast

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RTé signal block angers local fans

Furious Irish soccer fans have been contacting the Andersonstown News claiming that they’re missing out on the Euro 2012 experience by not being able to watch the tournament on RTé Fans who have Sky or Virgin Media are having their RTÉ signal blocked on cable during the competition and as a result are forced to watch the matches on either BBC or ITV.

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Top level secrecy used to bring maestro to world stage

There’s so much soccer on TV these days that it’s hard to keep track of the games. It is great to able to watch your favourite team at home or in the pub but for me it comes nowhere near to attending games live. When the subject is aired – who’s the best footballer you ever saw? – I restrict myself to players I have had the pleasure of observing in the flesh.

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