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Tag Archives: Titanic

What’s not to like about new hate theme park?

At long last we are realising that there needs to be more for tourists to do here than clamber over funny-shaped rocks

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‘Dark tourism’ could be a shining light for city

IN 2012, Belfast’s tourism scene is more about Titanic than the Troubles, but the city would be wise not to forget the political and historical value of what was once dubbed “dark tourism”.

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Suitcase in cellar carries a Titanic link

In a week when much of the world has gone Titanic crazy, one local bar has discovered its own link to the doomed liner. During a clear out of the cellar of the Chester Bar, staff discovered an old and battered suitcase that had been left from the time the hostelry was a hotel.

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Do pop stars deserve special Titanic treatment?

THE Titanic, in case you aren’t aware, was a big ship that was built in Belfast. However, not only was it the world’s biggest seafaring flop, it was also a fitting metaphor for the British class system.

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Collective amnesia on shipyard history should not consign us to living in past

In a major report from Belfast this week to mark the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic, the New York Times suggested the citizens of Belfast were suffering from “collective amnesia” regarding the exclusion of Catholics from the Belfast shipyards of old.

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We don’t believe the hype… yet

AS well as being a most welcome day off from the grind, Bank Holidays are a chance to get out and about and see some of the city. Unless you are one of the lucky ones with a caravan or holiday home to retreat to. The Bank Holiday after Easter usually signals an upsurge in visitors to Newcastle or Belfast Zoo, but this year saw the opening of the signature Titanic

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