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Tag Archives: troubles

‘Dark tourism’ could be a shining light for city

IN 2012, Belfast’s tourism scene is more about Titanic than the Troubles, but the city would be wise not to forget the political and historical value of what was once dubbed “dark tourism”.

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Ballymurphy pays tribute to Ray

TRIBUTES have been paid to the founder of a cross-community organisation that helped hundreds of West Belfast families during the height of the Troubles. Dr Ray Davey, founder of the Corrymeela Community, passed away on Monday at the age of 95.

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Terms of justice should not be left to victims

Al Hutchinson, who is no longer officially our Ombudsman but is keeping the seat warm until his successor is installed, has stirred the pot of the past in recent days.

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‘Blacklisted’ poet deserves recognition

A campaign has begun to recognise a South Belfast poet – described as Ireland’s greatest – who was “ostracised” from the local arts scene after writing a series of poems critical of the authorities during the Troubles.

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Making sense of that Boston College mess

So – what do you make of this Boston tapes thing, eh? You know the project: journalist Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre got together and arranged interviews with a number of former republican and loyalist combatants in our Troubles.

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Struggles within modern republicanism laid bare

The North’s troubled history has long been depicted in popular culture, through films, books, theatre, music and television.

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