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Tag Archives: TV

Glass act more of a triumph than a trick

SQUINTER has no time for magicians and tricks – he thinks it was Paul Daniels who put him off them some time in the 1980s

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Dad’s Army is to go back to billet

THEY’RE scandalised in England about the fact that the army wants to put surface-to-air missile units on blocks of flat near the Olympic Stadium in London in order to thwart any nasty Al-Qaeda types planning a spectacular attack on this summer’s Olympic Games.

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Atrocious accents a TV turnoff

THE Belfast accent has its advantages, of that there can be no doubt. Mainly (and I’m referring to us blokes here) its gruff power lies in its ability to attract the interest of impressionable women of a foreign persuasion.

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Don’t you know why we’re talkin’ about our resolutions?

New year is a funny time. It exists in that no man’s land of time. Is it the Christmas period or is it not? Are shops open? Have the television schedules returned to normal? Why am I so concerned that I’m asking a series of questions about it?

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