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Tag Archives: Twelfth

Pouring petrol on those loyalist bonfires

On January 17, 1989 Douglas Hogg stood up in the House of Commons and declared “I have to state as a fact but with great regret that there are in Northern Ireland a number of solicitors who are unduly sympathetic to the cause of the IRA.” Many people believe that this statement gave the green […]

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Thugs target car of youth worker after Twelfth outing

A North Belfast woman has hit out at the “mindless thugs” who attacked her car when it was parked outside a friend’s house in Ardoyne last week.

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G’gormley Mini Twelfth passes off peacefully

The mini twelfth parade through Glengormley this week passed off peacefully despite fears there could be trouble.

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Head of Parades Commission can give ‘no guarantee’ on breaches

The chair of the Parades Commission has said he can’t guarantee that loyalist breaches to last year’s

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Park named after King Billy will close on Twelfth due to behaviour of Orange followers

TWELFTH of July celebrations have been banned from a South Belfast park named after and dedicated to Orange Order icon King William.

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Unionist committee runs risk of hindering progress

In this paper last July, South Belfast MLA Conall McDevitt penned a piece about the aftermath of the annual Orange procession through (increasingly nationalist) South Belfast.

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