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Tag Archives: unionist

Shake off this nonsense and start asking the real questions

Is it me or are we all gone a bit mad on this McGuinness-Windsor handshake thing? Everyone – English, Irish, unionist, nationalist, man, woman possibly a cyborg or two – seems convinced that this meeting/handshake is important, very significant and/or very very symbolic. But nobody seems able to agree on the meaning of this meeting/handshake. They just keep looking solemn and nodding.

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Council does its job and now moves on

BELFAST City Council has emerged relatively unscathed from a week of bickering which brought back unfortunate memories of a Dome of Delight which in effect brought little joy to the populace.

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Union Jack days numbered at City Hall?

THE FLYING of the Union Jack at City Hall could be reduced to just 18 days a year, if new recommendations are adopted by Belfast City Council

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Read all about it – late news on the way out

SQUINTER’S not opposed per se to the concept of young women without many clothes on – out on the town in Belfast it wouldn’t take you to be, such is the state of undress in which so many young women venture out the door these days. But when you’re bombarded with such images on the home page of that once decorous organ the Belfast Telegraph, surely it’s time to cry stop.

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