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Tag Archives: Unionists

Lessons learnt

If a cat sits on a hot stove, it tends to avoid hot stoves after that. In fact, it avoids all stoves, hot

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Unionists hide in City Hall from the genie outside

As we drove out of City Hall, our cars being kicked and attacked by the cream of loyalist East Belfast on Monday night, a colleague remarked: “This must bring you back.”

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‘Big House’ attitude scorns the workers

The different approach of nationalists and unionists to the public service workers’ strike yesterday reveals that the political divisions in our land go way beyond Orange and Green.

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There’ll be no Irish Christmas at City Hall

Unionists cancelled Christmas for children from the Irish speaking schools at the full Council meeting on Monday evening – with the help of the Alliance Party.A minor setback on the road to the shared city which treats Irish speakers and the Irish language as a great treasure of the one city, but no doubt the Gaeilge groups will respond with their usual vibrancy and dynamism at this Sunday’s Rights and Revelry bash at St George’s Market.

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