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Tag Archives: US

Caterpillar butterfly stings like a bee

IT’S BAKING hot here in America. Expect, therefore, the price of your Weetabix to soar next year because in the mid

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Attendees gather from far and wide at opening

THE third annual One City Conference took place last week with delegates from as far as the US and the Basque Country flying in to Belfast to participate.

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Leading lady’s respect for Oscar winner

A North Belfast human rights activist who was portrayed in a play a year ago by Oscar winner Meryl Streep has congratulated the actress on her latest golden statue. On Sunday the US actress won the best actress Oscar for her role in The Iron Lady, in which she played former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. […]

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Go on and get your Granny a goat for Christmas

What a world, eh? People being laid off, shops shutting up shop, the air thick with the crunch of bankruptcy. Even the Christmas trees are looking smaller and sadder this year. But if it’s bad here in the North it’s worse in the South. When a government has to break the budget bad news into bite-size chunks and feed it to the public in instalments, you know things are bad, bad, bad.

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