Who decides what’s good or bad? The great Shakespeare tells us that things are neither good or bad but it's thinking that makes them so. 
Whether we love him or hate him, I personally feel that he has it nailed. 

Our mindfulness practice, has a way of bringing us to that place where things are just as they are. The daddy of mindfulness in the  west, Jon Kabat-Zinn, describes Mindfulness as a particular way of paying attention to what's happening, right here right now, in a non- judgemental way. 
For me, the pendulum of should I or shouldn't I, yes/no, right/wrong melts away like snow off a ditch. Mindfulness practice enables and empowers us in a way that we find our voice. 

The voice of authenticity. 

There's a story I once heard of an orphan lion cub who was brought up with a flock of sheep up on the Cave Hill. So much so that the orphaned lion cub was able to go baa baa baa all day long. Then one day an old lion entered the field to which the flock of sheep baaaaa’d, ‘Right boys, let’s get offside.’ Off they went, as did the orphan lion cub. 
The old lion caught the orphaned lion cub and asked him what he was doing. The lion cub replied baa baa baa. The old lion brought the lion cub to a pond and said, look. The lion cub looked into the pond and let out a roar. 
What happened? 
Mindfulness practice allows us the opportunity to find our voice. 

Let's take a moment and bring our attention to what's happening now,. 
Sense your breath. 

The quality of your breath 

This breath. 
Remember the breath is always present. 
Right here. 
Right now. 
Sense your body breathing. 

Listen to sound. 
Without judging. 
It is what it is. 

This moment is perfect. 
You are perfect.

Allow your voice to express your beauty.