FORMER world champion boxer Carl Frampton made dreams come true for hundreds of children after a recent visit to two North Belfast integrated schools.
‘The Jackal’ visited Cliftonville Integrated Primary School and Hazelwood Integrated College as part of a whistle-stop tour in partnership with the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE).
During the visits, Carl engaged in a range of activities with children and young people signing a wall mural in Hazelwood Integrated College and meeting the School Council in Cliftonville IPS.
Carl, who famously became a three-time world champion over two weight divisions, is a huge supporter of Integrated Education.
“I am delighted to say that I fully support Integrated Education in Northern Ireland,” explained Carl.
“It is great to see children and young people from all communities having the opportunity to learn together under one roof on a daily basis. That’s what integrated education offers, children can make friends and get to know one another no matter what their community background is.
“It’s my belief that this will make a big difference to their lives. Integrated Education is definitely the way forward.
“I am delighted to offer my public support for Integrated Education. It’s my intention to do whatever I can in the future to support NICIE in the vital work they do with parents, schools and young people to help bring more people together in Northern Ireland and make it a better place for all of us.
“I have had the most amazing experience visiting all of these schools and meeting so many children and young people. I have been completely overwhelmed by the welcome and wonderful reception I received in each school.”