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Children’s play area trashed by vandals

Thugs halt play park work

By Ciara Quinn

CONSTRUCTION work at the Lenadoon play park has come to a halt due to ongoing vandalism. The contractor who is carrying out the final phase of the work has refused to come back onsite until the anti-social behaviour that has been plaguing the site ceases.

Sinn Féin Councillor Gerard O’Neill told the Andersonstown News that the community want to use the play park for the right reasons.

“This facility is what this community wants and deserves. There is a small minority who are wrecking the park’s chances for those that want to use it in the right way and that needs to stop immediately,” he said.

Safer Neighbourhood representative Martin Black said those who are breaking into the park need to stop “messing about”.

“There is a specialised type of surface being laid which is safe for the children to play on and it’s not been given a chance to set properly as those intent on destruction are breaking in and lifting it.

“The good work of the construction company is being sabotaged. We will be carrying out a leaflet drop to all homes giving out numbers of people and agencies to call to report these vandals.”

Speaking on behalf of the Lenadoon Community Forum Paddy O’Donnell said: “I’m completely sickened at the sight of young mothers  arriving to use the park with their children only to be turned away due to the mindless actions of a few thugs.

“The City Council have spared no expense in getting this project off the ground and making something that this area can come to and enjoy – but we have to turn away people as the contractor is refusing to complete the work unless we work together to ensure the company’s safety. For staff to finish the work they need to be able to work in peace.

“There is a four-metre fence around the play park and these thugs are scaling it after dark to cause mayhem and eradicate the good work that has been done.

“If you are scaling a four-metre fence to a park – you aren’t up to any good. We want people to lift the phone and report these idiots.”


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