Fr Hugh Mullan Corpus Christi Parish Priest, who was shot and killed by British paratroopers on the first day of the Massacre (August 9) as he tended to the injured in Springfield Park.

Frank Quinn

19-year-old married man, with a child on the way, who was shot alongside Fr Mullan in Springfield Park as he was making his way to safety.

Noel Phillips

A barman from Whitecliff Parade who was shot dead on the Manse on the first day of the Massacre after the deaths in Springfield Park.

Joan Connolly

45-year-old mother of eight children and grandmother of one shot and blinded as she went to help Noel Phillips.

Danny Teggart

Father of 13 children who lived in New Barnsley Crescent. Riddled with 14 bullets on the Manse.

Joseph Murphy

42-year-old father of 12 who was shot and wounded on the Manse, later to die from his injuries.

Eddie Doherty

31-year-old Eddie Doherty, a father of two who was shot on the second day of the Massacre (August 10) at an army barricade at the corner of Brittons Parade and the Whiterock Road.

John Laverty

One of 11 children from Whitecliff Parade, shot in the early hours of the third day of the Massacre (August 11).

Joseph Corr

A father of seven children shot in the early hours of the third day of the Massacre.

Paddy McCarthy

A 44-year-old community worker from central London who came to Ballymurphy in 1970 to work as a youth leader with the Ballymurphy Tenants’ Association. Died of a heart attack on the third day after a mock execution was carried out on him by members of the Parachute Regiment.

John McKerr

A 49-year-old father of eight from Andersonstown who was taking a break from working as a joiner at Corpus Christi Chapel when he was shot by a British army sniper.

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