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‘We want our speed ramps back’

By Francesca Ryan

Residents of Ladybrook Park say an accident is waiting happen after ramps were removed for roadworks over two months ago and not replaced.

A resident said cars, motorbikes and even buses are racing up and down the road now there are no traffic control measures to slow drivers down.

“I have lived here 53 years,” she said. “There were no cars here when we first moved in but they soon came, as did the buses, and the ramps had to be put in to slow down the traffic.

“The ramps were removed so the road could get resurfaced but there is no sign of them going back. I have tried to call Roads Service to inquire after a date but you never get a human on the phone, just endless answering machines.”

The lady said most residents are concerned at the speed of drivers and are frightened a accident will take place.

“Everyone is talking about it,” she said. “There are plenty of young children in this area and we don’t need speeding traffic. My living room is a fair distance back from the main road but when buses fly by, I can hear the china vibrating in my living room cabinets. Last week there were motorbikes racing each other on the road. None of this would be happening if we had the ramps back, they are desperately needed before someone gets hurt or worse.”

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Matt Garrett said a time-frame for traffic calming measures to be reinstalled is needed.

“I have a scheduled meeting with Roads Service on Monday following the concerns from residents in Ladybrook Park,” he said.

“I have raised the ramps issue with them before and they held a meeting with residents with a promise to review the situation. What is clear is that there needs to be traffic calming measures on Ladybrook Park, let’s be under no illusion about that. There may be some concern about the ramps, but it’s certain that some measures are needed.

“People supported the resurfacing scheme but are wondering what the delay in traffic calming measures is. Roads Service must conduct their review as soon as possible and give residents a timeframe for installation of traffic calming measures. I will be telling them this at Monday’s meeting.”
A spokeswoman for Roads Service said no decision will be made on traffic calming measures until the review is complete.

“Following concerns from a number of residents and locally elected representatives about the speed cushions which were in place prior to the recent resurfacing works. DRD [Department for Regional Development] has committed to carrying out a review of this traffic calming scheme before deciding on the next step to take,” she said.

“The Review will include consideration of alternative measures. The speed cushions will not be reconstructed before the review has been completed.”

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