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Aisling Awards 2022

When: 25th November 2022 

Where: Europa Hotel, Belfast

For 26 years, the Aisling Awards have epitomised the very best of Belfast – that generous, gritty and unbeatable spirit which characterises a city on the rise.

And as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Andersonstown News in November 2022, we have even more cause than usual to present a celebration of a transformed, progressive and peaceful Belfast.

In the Europa Hotel on 25 November we will have an opportunity to salute the courage and resilience of civic leaders across multiple fields of endeavour and from every corner of the city. These are the people who are constantly focused on the future; leaders who look out for inspiration; beacons of Belfast who understand that more unites us than divides us.

Too often the heroes of Belfast are unsung so the Aisling Awards nominations process — now open — gives us all a chance to shine a spotlight on a community champion whose efforts deserve recognition and celebration. So get nominating and on 25 November, with our premier partner Open University, we invite you to raise a glass at the 26th annual Aisling Awards to the next exciting chapter in the Belfast story. 

Honorary guests have ranged from our Special Olympians to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the family of little Oscar Knox to the amazing family of Harry Holland.

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