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Best of the West

Kevin Wallace

Translink Driver of the Year Finalist


Kevin is a driver at Falls Metro depot, and a long-standing member of our Safety Bus team. Kevin's day job involves using our specially-liveried and prepared bus to visit schools, highlighting safety issues around public transport, using a range of videos, education packs, props and a down-to-earth enthusiasm. He has been instrumental in developing outreach strategies to tackle incidents of anti-social behaviour and subsequent service disruption. He ensured this important work continued in spite of the pandemic, arranging for socially distanced field trips for local youth clubs over the summer. These trips served as an opportunity to stay in touch with youth in the area during the pandemic,  providing activity and focus for kids when there was very little opportunity elsewhere. Kevin would have been eligible to self-isolate from work during the pandemic, but instead was keen to do what he could to help others out, be this in the community or simply within the depot itself. He was one of the first to engage in daily sanitisation of offices and staff facilities, and expressly set out to engage with as many staff as he could in order to keep spirits up during a difficult and worrisome time for everyone. His infectious and cheery disposition helped buoy morale and bring a bit of cheer when needed most.  He takes his commitment to the community he serves to another level by volunteering most weekends as a valued member of Colin Safer Neighbourhood teams. Kevin is a valued member not only of the team at the Falls depot, but also of his community, to which he so tirelessly devotes himself, with an overwhelmingly positive approach to match. 

Best of the West