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Based in the Old Print Hall at headquarters, off Hannahstown Hill, Lifestyle Fitness has injected new life into the building since brothers Seamus and Aaron McAufield started the first of many transformations. They opened their doors in January 2020, but nine weeks later were forced to shut as the pandemic took hold. Naturally, this proved a huge challenge, but it proved hugely popular as online sessions became the rage and those at Lifestyle Performance – using all of the knowledge banked from their past roles in other gyms – put programmes in place for their members. Once the green light was given to reopen, the customers came flooding back and their policy of working with groups of 4 to 6 people proved a big hit as it gives that personal touch. Lifestyle Performance specialises in working with GAA players and also has a huge number of female clients who are given their own programmes, whether their goals are weight loss or strength building. 

Best of the West