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Blackboard Awards 2024

Niall Gribbin

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Subject or primary school year: Primary 7.
Your place of birth: Belfast.
Studied at: QUB (PGCE at CPTT).
First job: Paper boy.
What it taught me: Life is going to be hard!
Family/status: Married happily to Jenny with three kids.
Best advice you could give someone thinking of a teaching career: A very rewarding job but think carefully before deciding to train. Despite what most non-teachers think, it can be challenging. Teaching isn't just about 'teaching'. As we all know, it involves so much more. 

I have been extremely lucky as a teacher. Since qualifying, I’ve never been without work and now I teach happily in my local school. I live and work in the parish, so I do carry a lot of pride in what I do. Each day I try to remember three rules that I've always had whilst working in education: Are the children safe? Are the children happy? Are the children learning? So long as I can put my hand on my heart at the end of day knowing that I've stood by these three questions I can leave happy. 

Blackboard Awards 2024