Wolfe Tones GAC are very keen to hear from anyone who has any memories of the old club prior to it folding in 1971.

As you’ll know, Wolfe Tones was based in the Greencastle area between North Belfast and Newtownabbey for around 40 years. Unfortunately, the club folded in the early 1970s as the conflict took hold.

Nevertheless, since the re-establishment in 2019, the club has been able to call on former players and members who have shared their stories about the old club. We’ve been able to piece together that the club won the 1950 Junior Hurling Championship, just as this year the Greencastle men will retake to the hurling field.

But it’s now more than 50 years since the old club played its final game, and whilst other clubs are celebrating their centenaries and other major milestones, that history of the GAA is in danger of being lost to living memory in this part of Antrim.

Anyone, even from other clubs, with any memory of the old Wolfe Tone GA&CC is urged to get in touch by emailing pro.wolfetones.antrim@gaa.ie