BRYANS Danny  2nd Anniversary  6th March 2020 Our lives go on without  you but nothing is the  same, we have to hide  our heartache when  someone speaks your  name. Sad are the hearts  that love you, silent are  the tears that fall, living  without you is the hardest  part of all. You did so  many things for us, your  heart was so kind and  true and when we needed  someone, we could al- ways count on you. The  special years will not return when we were all together but with the love  in our hearts, you’ll walk  with us forever. We love  and miss you every day.  From your wife Colette,  children Gerard, Colum  and Sharon and partners  Donna, Noreen and Tom,  grandchildren Ciara,  Shaun, Georgia, Amy and  Aidan.  You’ll never walk  alone.

Danny bryans mem colette