BYRNE John 27th Anniversary In proud and loving memory of our dear daddy and  granda whose Anniversary occurs on the 19th  March RIP, St Joseph pray for him. You were a  daddy very rare, content at home and always there.  On earth you toiled, in Heaven you rest, God bless  you daddy you were one of the best. In a near and  silent graveyard where the trees and branches  wave, sleeps a kind and loving daddy in a cold and  lonely grave. If you could have spoken before you  died, I am sure these words you would have sighed.  Goodbye my family, my life has passed, I loved you  all to very last, weep not for me but courage take  and love each other for my sake. Loved and longed  for always your children Joe, Ethna, Geraldine,  Teresa, Collette, Bernadette, John and families  xxxxxxx. 

John byrne mem656