Birthday Memories


CORR Christine (AKA Christine Number 1) Precious 56th  birthday memories I read recently that true  best friends share the  same soul but in different  bodies, this means that  even death does not end  that friendship and I truly  believe that. I think of you  every day and I know you  think of us and look out  for us, you know of our  joy and our pain and you  share in it. We shall never  forget you beautiful Christine, your smile, your  easy laughter, and those  secrets shared and held  deep in our hearts. To  know you is to love you  forever! A toast to you in  Heaven where you will be  partying with the best  company. Sláinte my  ‘Bestest Friend’! I will  miss you forever. Saint  Pio kiss her precious  cheek for us. Love always, Christine Number 2. 

Christina corr mem