EMMETT Peter In loving memory daddy.  Daddy some days I can  hear your voice and I turn  to see your face, yet in  my turning it seems the  sound has been erased.  Who will I turn to for answers when life does not  make sense who will be  there to hold me when  I’m feeling very tense. Oh  daddy if I could turn back  time and once more hear  your voice I’d tell you that  out of all the daddy’s  you’d still be my only  choice. Please always  know I love you and no  one can take your place,  the years may come and  go but your memory will  not be erased. Today Jesus as you are listening  in your home above  would you go and find my  daddy and give him all  my love. Give mummy a  big hug and kiss from me  and tell her I miss her  also. Love daughter Marguerite, husband Eric and grandson Brandon.

Peter emmett margurite