EMMETT Francis Peter Died 1st March 2021 Your 1st Anniversary away from home My Peter, my man, they broke the mould when they made you my Peter. What can I  say about you. There is not one man on this earth like you. You were one of a kind. Peter this has to be the worse year of my life. I know I will never get over you. The love  we had for each other not many people would have it. We had a love story, as you  would say, “Sheila there are not many people that get a 2nd chance with love but by  God I got it with you”. Nothing could part us, only death. Peter you told me to keep doing everything that you ask, well I am trying my best but it is not easy. You said  “Sheila make sure yous look after my rose bush out our back for it will be here when I  am not”, well it is getting well looked after for you loved it so much. Your words to me  were, “Sheila, I hope I pass away before you for I could not cope with losing you”. Well  that was one more thing you got. My Peter you have left me with a very sore heart, but  the best memories and over 1000 videos of you drinking and singing which I watch  every day. I still wish I had you in my life. My life is never going to be the same with  you not in it, my Peter. You said to me “Sheila you have four great kids that will take  care of you when I am not here”. Well that is all down to you for you helped me to  bring them up and we done a great job. I got the best man I could have ever asked for  my Peter. I can still smell you everywhere in our home and your smell is so strong on  your pillows every night. I will love you forever and always, until I see you again.  From your girl Sheila xxxx