GREGORY TERESA 5th Anniversary 25th June In loving memory of my mum Teresa. I miss you so much every day. I wish I  could wrap my arms around you and give  you the biggest hug but all I have are  memories. Your photo stands in pride of  place, a beautiful smile lights up your face.  You always seem to be so near, how I wish  you were still here. A special smile, a special face, in my heart a special place.  Memories are a gift to treasure, mine of  you mum will last forever. Loved and  missed so much from your one and only  Megan xxx

In loving memory of our daughter Teresa  who left without goodbyes. This doesn’t  get any easier. A thousand words won’t  bring you back, we know because we’ve  tried and neither will a million tears, we  know because we’ve cried. You left behind  our broken hearts and precious memories  too but we never wanted memories, we  only wanted you. A golden heart stopped  beating, two smiling eyes at rest, God  broke our hearts to prove to us He only  takes the best. Loved and missed so much  all day, every day. From your heartbroken  mum and dad xoxo.

Precious memories of our big sister  Teresa. Silently we grieve and brush away  our tears, the memories you left behind  will last throughout the years. We can’t  have the old days back when we were all  together, but secret tears and loving  thoughts will be with us forever. Loved and  missed so much from your brothers Danny  and Sean, sister-in-law Hannah, nephews  Jack and Matthew and niece Naomi xxx.

Teresa gregory 8x2