MAGEE  Arthur  21st Anniversary occurs 3rd May In loving memory of my  father/grandfather. Our  memories of you are special, they will never go  away, we have them  locked within our hearts  and forever they will stay.  Loved and missed by always by your daughter  Letitia, Tony and grandchildren Melissa Natalie  and Matthew Our Lady of  Lourdes pray for him 

MAGEE  Arthur 21st Anniversary  occurs 3rd May  In loving memory of my  husband Arthur. Special  memories of you will always bring a smile, if only  I could have you back for  just a little while. Then we  could sit and talk again  just like we used to do,  you always meant so very  much and always will do  too. The fact that you’re  no longer here will always  cause me pain, but you’re  forever in my heart until  we meet again. Forever  missed by your loving  wife Jean.

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