MARSH Eileen  2nd Anniversary  Occurs 22nd October  In loving memory of a cherished wife, mother  and grandmother.  I never thought  Or possibly knew  Just how much  I could miss you Never thought that  Raindrops and dew  Could fall in spring,  But now I know  That you had to go  To yon place  Where fate doth take you  To a place of love  Where I must be with you.  A place of love so sweet and kind.  With all the love of all mankind  Some how, some way,  I will find  A love that’s sweet and kind  And with God’s speed  The Lord will bring you  To yon place where fate doth take you,  To a place of love  Where I must be with you. A poem by James Marsh.   Loved and missed everyday. From your husband Robert,  Kathy, Jim and family. St Joseph pray for us.

Eileen marsh mem