McALLISTER Jim whose 1st  Anniversary occurred 9th  October. I want to tell you  something Jim so there  won’t be any doubt, you’re  so wonderful to think of but  so hard to be without. The  best uncle and loving Godfather to me, miss you so  much. Your wee niece Katrina, Stephen and kids. 

McALLISTER Jim, 1st Anniversary occurs 9th September. RIP. This is for someone  wonderful as loved as one  could be, for you were everything in life, you meant  the world to me. Life can be  unkind when hearts are torn  in two, nothing ever could  compare to the pain of losing you. Your heartbroken  Brother Paul, Debra and  Kids xx

McALLISTER Jim. Whose 1st  Anniversary occurred 9th  October. They say there is a  reason, they say that time  will heal, neither time or  reason will change the way I  feel. Of all the brothers in  the world I’m glad you were  mine. The best big brother,  a sister could ask for. I will  miss you forever Jim. Always loved, sorely missd by your sister Joanne, Neil and kids.