McBRIDE BILLY 3rd Anniversary In loving memory of my dear husband Billy whose 3rd Anniversary occurs at this time. St Bridgit pray for him. I  thought about you today but that was nothing new, I  thought about you yesterday and the day before that too.  I think of you in silence and often speak your name, because all I have is memories and your picture in a frame. Always loved and remembered by your wife Rosie. 

In loving memory of our dear dad whose 3rd Anniversary  occurs at this time. We your family miss you in the house  where you used to be, we wanted so much to keep you  but God willed it not to be. Now you’re in God’s keeping  you suffer no more pain, so dear God take care of him until we meet again. Always loved and remembered by  Donna and John, Martin and Jacqueline, Jim and Tricia,  Maura and Ciaran, Liam and Mary, Peter and Jennifer and  Manuel and Carrie. 

In loving memory of our granda and great granda Billy  whose 3rd Anniversary occurs at this time. Time may hide  the sadness like a smile can hide a tear but memories  last forever of a granda we loved so dear. So those who  have a granda love him while you may, as we wish with  all our hearts our granda was here today. Always loved  and remembered by your loving grandchildren and great  grandchildren xxx. Billy’s Anniversary Mass will be held on  Saturday 6th August in St Peter’s Cathedral at 5:30pm 

Billy mcbride mem