McCABE  47th Anniversary Precious memories of our  darling daughter Siobhan  who died August 10th 1975  (from a gunshot wound). No  special day is needed to  bring you to our mind, a day  without a thought of you is  very hard to find. If we  could have one lifetime  wish, one dream that would  come true, we’d really wish  with all our hearts for yesterday and you. Forever  loved and missed by your  mummy and daddy, brother  John, Aisling,  Bryan, Zoe,  Jake, Jamie, your sister  Karen and Patrick, Jack, Rachel, Ben and Miya, your  sister Deirdre, Joseph,  Aaron, Siobhan and Taylor,  all your aunts, uncles and  cousins and large family circle xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Siobhan mccabe mem deirdre