Birthday Memories


 McCORMACK IRELAND Liam James Whose 9th birthday/Anniversary occurs 9th December In loving memory of our  baby boy blue, our wee  Liam James. How has it  been this long son from you  left and went away? To lose  a son who meant so much  is difficult to bear, it seems  so unbelievable, so cruel  and so unfair. And now that  your birthday is here it’s so  hard to hide the pain, what  it would mean to hear your  voice and see you smile  again. There won’t be any  gifts this year as you won’t  be able to see, it’s sometimes hard to understand  how things have come to  be. We will never get to see  your face or get to whisper  words to make you feel  safe. We’ll never get to hold  you tight when you can’t  sleep at night. We’ll never  get to sing you a lullaby to  calm you when you cry,  we’ll never get to hear you  laugh or giggle or see your  little toes wiggle. There are  many things we will never  get to do but the hardest  thing of all is not being here  with you. Each day gets  harder L.J without you here  and how I wish I could trade  places with you, for you just  to be here. Sleep tight our  beautiful baby boy and  know we are one step closer  to seeing you. Love and  miss you beyond words love  mummy and daddy.

McCORMACK IRELAND Liam James Whose 9th birthday/Anniversary occurs 9th December Of all the gifts in life however great or small, to have  you as our brother is the  greatest gift of all. A special  time, a special place, a special brother we can’t replace. With an aching heart  we whisper low, we miss  you brother and love you so.  Happy birthday lots of love  Aoife, Hollymay, Fionn and  Maisie.

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