McCRORY  Isobel  Whose 10th Anniversary  occurs on the  9th December St Anthony pray for her When we look up to the  sky we will tell you what  we see, we can see our  mother shining as bright  as a Christmas tree. She  tells us she didn't want to  leave us but it was time  for her to depart, it was  the hardest thing she had  to do, and that it forever  breaks her heart. She  tells us we mustn't be  sad because she is  pain-free, she's found her  place in Heaven and it's a  beautiful sight to see.  She'll always be there to  guide us when we feel  we've lost our way, a lov- ing hug she will send us  and wipe our tears away.  She'll always be there to  share our joy and laugh  at the jokes we make, in  order to feel her presence  only a little imagination  it'll take. She may be in  the form of a festive  Robin, or simply a float- ing feather or hovering  around like a butterfly, or  simply part of the  weather. It is so hard to  believe that you are gone  10 years mum, you are  missed, loved and  thought about everyday.  Sending all our love to  you and dad, now and  forever. Your heartbroken  sons Gerard and Declan,  daughters Angela, Rose- mary, Linda and Claire  and families xxx. 

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